Best 3 Prepaid Travel Cards for Australia in 2022

The 4 Best Prepaid Travel Cards to Use Overseas in 2022

It is very well known that Australians love to travel and prepaid travel cards are a very popular option to include in your wallet overseas. Prepaid travel cards allow you to buy currency at a set exchange rate before you leave and to withdraw money or make purchases overseas.

So how do you find out quickly where to get one of these prepaid cards? It's easy, to save you lots of time, we have compared a large number of prepaid cards for overseas travellers and have summarised their best points.

The Best Prepaid Cards for Travel for Australians in 2022:

Wise Travel Card - Best Exchange Rates

Best Features

  • 40+ currencies available
  • Best exchange rates globally
  • One of the lowest conversion fee on the market
  • No international transaction fees
  • No annual or monthly fees
  • Extremely low costs to send money overseas

Revolut - Best for Low Fees

Best Features

  • 27+ currencies available
  • One of the best exchange rates globally
  • No international transaction fees
  • No annual or monthly fees for standard membership
  • No initial card fee
  • Instant access to a range of cryptocurrencies

Citibank Plus Everyday Prepaid Card

Best Features

  • 10 currencies available to hold or spend at competitive rates
  • No monthly fees
  • No initial card fee
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • No ATM fees in Australia at major banks
  • No ATM fees overseas at major banks
  • Free bottle of wine at restaurants through Dining program

HSBC Everyday Global Prepaid Card

Best Features

  • No initial card or closure fees
  • No monthly or account fees
  • No international transaction fees
  • No international ATM fees
  • No cross currency conversion fees
  • Lock in very competitive exchange rates before travel
  • No maximum balance
  • Earn 2% cashback

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What are prepaid travel cards?

Prepaid travel cards are cards you can use overseas to pay in local currency for all your purchase needs, from hotel bills to corner convenience stores. You buy the currency and place it on the card before you leave Australia. The currency exchange rate is set, so you know how much things will cost overseas with one exchange rate.

In addition with a prepaid travel card you can withdraw local currency from ATM’s marked with a Mastercard or Visa logo. You use your 4 digit pin, similar to Australia, to withdraw money overseas. The cards are like an Eftpos card overseas and if they are with Mastercard or Visa, you can use them almost everywhere.

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