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  • 24.3569
  • 85.91 AUD
  • $2,000 AUD
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  • 22.9926
  • 0.00 AUD
  • $2,022 AUD
  • $27 more expensive
  • 22.9807
  • 0.00 AUD
  • $2,023 AUD
  • $28 more expensive
  • 23.1900
  • 20.00 AUD
  • $2,025 AUD
  • $30 more expensive
  • 22.6846
  • 0.00 AUD
  • $2,050 AUD
  • $55 more expensive
  • 22.2450
  • 0.00 AUD
  • $2,090 AUD
  • $95 more expensive

Buy Thailand Currency in AUS

Start your Thailand adventure on the right note by securing your Thai Baht cash before your trip. With S Money, you get the best exchange rates when you convert your AUD to THB. Buy online via our website or in-store at our Melbourne and Sydney branches. Our online platform offers a secure and straightforward way to purchase THB, with flexible options for home delivery or in-store collection.

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Available in NSW, VIC, QLD & WA

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Fees and Charges

Service Fee

The Service Fee depends on the currency and amount you order.


$28 flat fee for secure delivery to your door with StarTrack by Australia Post.

Express Pickup

In-store transactions are subject to a $9 fee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Millions of travellers head to the US each year. Sadly, many waste their money on unnecessary foreign currency conversion. So here are a few practical tips to help you get the most bang for your buck:

  1. Avoid the airports! Currency exchange bureaux at the airport charge epic fees. If you like a good deal – or even just a reasonable one – avoid these at all costs.
  2. Only carry what you need – It can be expensive to change USDs back into AUDs so only take what you think you will spend. Not only this – nobody likes to tuck wads of notes into their socks and toiletries for safekeeping on longer journeys.
  3. Ask for a mix of denominations – It’s always hard to get rid of those pesky $100 bills so try to get a mix of $20 and $10 notes.
  4. Check your exchange rate – Google and are the standard market exchange rate but you’ll notice how wildly bank and currency exchanges can vary their rates. Try to get as close to the market rate as possible.
  5. Look out for hidden fees – The bane of our (financial) existence, hidden fees will often make a huge difference to the cost of your holiday. Be particularly wary of hidden bank fees for overseas card usage.
  6. The right card makes all the difference – Having a card is convenient but it can take a hit to the bank account if you have the wrong card. Research and arm yourself with the best card for travel for big savings.
  7. Mix it up! Many travellers only use their credit card while some only think about cash. But the best option depends on your situation. Save the card for huge purchases such as hotels and car hire and reserve your cash for smaller wins – transport, attractions, or meals out. Don’t forget Americans love their tipping so it’s always a good idea to have spare change on hand.
Tips and Hints to get the most US currency on your holiday or trip to the US.
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