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*Wholesale exchange rate updated


Wholesale exchange rate updated

Please understand that the rates displayed on the graph are historical. They are NOT the exchange rates that S Money is offering today. The rates displayed are the “interbank” or “wholesale” exchange rates that you can find on Google or XE. We show these rates so you can see when the best time to buy US dollars was.

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4 Safe Alternatives to ANZ Foreign Currency Exchange

  This year, ANZ discontinued offering a service to exchange foreign currency banknotes and coins. It means there are now only 4 Australian banks offering currency exchange as a service. While it has left a lot of ANZ customers looking for an alternative, luckily, there are plenty of safe options that are easier and cheaper than ANZ was. Here are 4 of the best: S Money Crown Currency Travelex Travel Money Oz

Why You Can’t Find a Travel Money Oz Stores in 2021

If you have used Travel Money Oz in the past to exchange money, you might be wondering – why can’t I find them anywhere? Well, the latest update from Travel Money Oz indicated that all their stores are closed until further notice. Unfortunately, this is a similar story with many currency exchange brands and even ANZ bank, choosing to pause or permanently close their operations. At this stage, the closure of retail operations seems to be temporary. According to their site: How long will my nearest store be closed for? The short answer is we are unsure. This is an […]

Australian new 100 dollar bills

2022 AUDUSD Dollar Forecasts

The Australian dollar against the US dollar exchange rate (AUDUSD) changes every second. This article shares bank forecasts to help you predict changes in the AUDUSD rate.

new 100 hundred Australian dollar bill

2022 Australian Dollar Forecasts

Australian dollar exchange rates and forecasts change all the time. This article looks at bank predictions and is updated regularly.

Easily The 3 Best Ways to Buy Foreign Currency

In Australia, there are many different ways to buy foreign currency but a lot of them are expensive, unsafe, slow and full of hidden costs. Often, the best way to buy foreign currency will depend on your situation. The top ways to buy foreign currency are: Ordering online – either delivery or click and collect. In person – usually the most competitive deals are at money exchangers in the city. Overseas – sometimes it’s cheaper to buy it after you’ve landed. So which way is best for you? Have a look at the pros and cons of each option and […]

Currency in Hong Kong

Currency in Hong Kong

The Travel Money Guide to Currency in Hong Kong Hong Kong has a lot of offer tourist including visiting Disneyland or ocean park, views from Victoria Peak or eating delicious food in Lan Kwai Fong or the night market. But it isn’t a budget destination and to get the most out of your trip, it’s a good idea to learn everything you can about the local currency and payment options before you go. Want to learn more about the Hong Kong currency and how to get your hands on it for the best value? Read on to find out: What […]