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The S Money Melbourne CBD store is located at 44 Spencer Street, Melbourne VIC 3000.

The store is right next to the Great Southern Hotel and less than 100 metres from Southern Cross Train Station.

It is open 9am to 5pm - Monday to Friday and 10am to 3:30pm on Saturday.

S Money at 44 Spencer St, Melbourne VIC 3000 Uphill

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Australian Dollar
6 results found - Results rounded down to nearest available denomination
  • 0.6771
  • 41.13 AUD
  • $2,000 AUD
  • Best Price
  • 0.6578
  • 0.00 AUD
  • $2,016 AUD
  • $17 more expensive
  • 0.6574
  • 0.00 AUD
  • $2,017 AUD
  • $18 more expensive
  • 0.6499
  • 0.00 AUD
  • $2,040 AUD
  • $41 more expensive
  • 0.6436
  • 0.00 AUD
  • $2,060 AUD
  • $61 more expensive
  • 0.6495
  • 20.00 AUD
  • $2,062 AUD
  • $63 more expensive

Fees and Charges

Service Fee

The Service Fee depends on the currency and amount you order.


$28 flat fee for secure delivery to your door with StarTrack by Australia Post.

Express Pickup

In-store transactions are subject to a $9 fee.

Why you get best exchange rates in Melbourne

We visited a number of money exchange locations across the Melbourne CBD and compared their fees and services to find the best currency exchange rates.

Here are the interest things we found:

  • There was a massive difference between best and worst as you can see in the table below.
  • When compared to online exchange rates, the in-store rates are not as good.
  • Foreign currency rates in the Melbourne CBD are better than in the suburbs
Map of currency exchange stores in Melbourne
Currency Exchange Store Exchange Rate for US dollars Exchange Rate for Euros
S Money at 44 Spencer 0.6861 0.6273
United Currency Exchange at QV 0.6760 0.6091
Changjiang on Swanston 0.6760 0.6200
Raffles Forex on Elizabeth 0.6650 0.6000
Red Rate in Chinatown 0.6618 0.5980
Travel Money Oz on Swanston 0.6576 0.5893
Travelex on Swanston 0.6520 0.5800
Travel Money Oz on Elizabeth 0.6576 0.5893
Crown Currency on Bourke 0.6500 0.5880

S Money at 44 Spencer street had the best exchange rates for US dollars and Euros, but unlike most other currency exchange stores, they charge a service fee.

For amounts over $1000, they are still the cheapest even including the fee and the only money changer that uses the same transparent rate as you can find online.

United Currency Exchange has long been a great place for currency exchange in the Melbourne CBD. Aside from S Money, they had the best currency exchange rate that we tested. They were also the cheapest for smaller amounts under $100.

Raffles and RedRate used to have some of the most competitive rates but are off the pace.

Travel Money Oz and Travelex have some of the most convenient locations on Swanston street and Elizabeth street. Their rates varied from store to store but are still much better their locations in the suburbs.

While Crown Currency had the worst US Dollar rate, it wasn't that far off the mark. Their rate to buy euros was more competitive and the location in the mall is very handy.

US dollar banknotes

Buying US dollars in Melbourne

The best places to buy US dollars in Melbourne are in the CBD. Bourke Street and Swanston have lots of options but the best deals are found outside of the most popular tourist areas.

There are good options for currency exchange at 44 Spencer Street, along Elizabeth Street or in QV. All have plenty of stock, a choice of denominations and excellent exchange rates. The key is to compare the total cost of each money changer.

The more US dollars you are buying, the more you can negotiate a better deal when dealing with money changers over the counter.

If you can't make into the city, you can also order US dollars online and have it delivered.

euro banknotes

Buying Euros in Melbourne

The best places to buy euros in Melbourne are also in the city. These money changers have a good level of stock, range of denominations and are open to negotiation if you are purchasing a larger amount.

Just make sure not to buy 500 or 200 euro notes as they are not accepted in many places throughout Europe.

If you live outside of the major cities, you can also order euros online and have it delivered.

japanese yen banknotes

Buying Japanese Yen in Melbourne

If you have ever been to Japan, you'll know that you need to take some cash. Cards aren't accepted as much as in Australia.

The best places to buy Japanese yen in Melbourne are the smaller independent money changers, located in the city. These currency exchange stores have the best exchange rates because they have the most competition.

The more yen you are buying, the more you can negotiate a better deal when dealing with money changers over the counter.

If you live outside of the major cities, you can also order yen online and have it delivered.

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