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What's the best way to buy foreign currency?

If you need to buy foreign currency, the 3 most common ways to do it are:

  1. Ordering it online
  2. Heading into a currency exchange store
  3. Buying it overseas

Ordering currency online is the cheapest way to buy foreign currency but it's still not as fast as heading into a store. The rates online are typically better than a store because there are no overhead costs of running a bricks and mortar store. It's also a lot easier to see what rate you'll actually get rather than having to haggle for a better deal.

Buying currency overseas can be cheaper if you are heading to a destination like Singapore, Bali or Thailand. Even then, you need to track down the best places to exchange money on foot.

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Banks do not offer the best exchange rate for currency conversion
The best exchange rates for currency conversion are found online

Where can you buy currency in Australia?

There are dozens of currency exchange locations to buy travel money in Australia. Each has their own currency exchange rates which change constantly.

You also have the choice of more than 5 online currency exchange websites that offer collection or delivery.

So which is the best place to exchange money? Well, it really depends on your location and your situation. There isn't one currency exchange that's the best for every currency.

The best currency exchange in Sydney is different to the best currency exchange in Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth. You really need to do your research based on your area.

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Using a bank to exchange money

At the start of 2020, 10 Australian banks offered foreign currency exchange services. Today, a number of them have suspended or removed the service. Here are the banks that are left:

  1. ANZ
  2. Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA)
  3. Bank of Queensland (BoQ)
  4. Bendigo and Adelaide Bank
  5. Bank Australia

NAB has suspended its Foreign Currency Cash services due to the international travel ban. Westpac no longer sells currency either online or in branch. Commonwealth has suspended its online ordering service. You can still exchange currency in a CBA branch. HSBC, Bankwest and St George Bank shut their service.

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