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The 5 Best Travel Money Cards for Europe in 2024

Euro Cash

Planning a European adventure from Australia? Whether you're exploring the romantic streets of Paris, the historic landmarks of Rome, or the cultural hubs of Barcelona, having the right travel money card can come in handy when overseas.

In Europe, you are likely to use your card to pay for accommodation, food, transport, and entertainment and to withdraw cash from ATMs.

This guide will explore the best travel money cards for Australians heading to Europe, ensuring you have a seamless and financially savvy experience.


Best 5 Travel Money Cards for Europe:

Wise Multi Currency Prepaid Card - Best Exchange Rates

  • 40+ currencies available
  • Best exchange rates globally
  • One of the lowest conversion fee on the market
  • No international transaction fees
  • No annual or monthly fees
  • Extremely low costs to send money overseas

Revolut - Low Fees

  • 30+ currencies available
  • One of the best exchange rates globally
  • No international transaction fees
  • No annual or monthly fees for standard membership
  • No initial card fee
  • Instant access to a range of cryptocurrencies

Travelex Money Card - Best All Rounder

Best Features

  • Unlimited free ATM withdrawals
  • 24/7 Emergency Assistance
  • Initial and replacement card are free
  • No international transaction fees
  • Lock in up to 10 currencies

Bankwest Breeze Platinum Credit Card - Lowest Interest Rate

Best Features

  • Lowest interest rate at 9.90%
  • No international transaction fees on purchases
  • Up to 55 days interest free on purchases
  • Low annual fee
  • Complimentary international travel insurance
Bankwest Breeze Platinum Credit Card is one of the 5 travel money cards for Europe in 2022

Macquarie Transaction Debit Card

Best Features

  • No ATM fees overseas or ATM fees in Australia
  • No monthly fees or initial card fees
  • No foreign transaction fee
  • Contactless limit with no PIN up to $200 per transaction
  • Joint accounts available
Macquarie Transaction card is one of the top 5 travel money cards to take to Europe

Why Opt for a Travel Money Card in Europe?


Navigating finances in Europe is easier with the right travel money card. Here’s why they’re a smart choice:

  • Ease of Use: Travel money cards are widely accepted across Europe, from the smallest towns to the largest cities, making them incredibly convenient for everyday expenses.
  • Enhanced Security: Unlike carrying large amounts of cash, a travel money card offers security features such as instant card blocking and fraud protection, safeguarding your funds throughout your journey.
  • Cost Efficiency: Many travel money cards offer competitive exchange rates and low or no transaction fees, which can add up to significant savings on your trip.


Tips for Using Your Travel Money Card Effectively


Make the most of your travel money card with these practical tips:

  • Inform Your Bank: Always notify your bank of your travel dates to ensure uninterrupted card use abroad.
  • Carry a Backup: It’s wise to have a second card stored separately from your primary card for emergencies.
  • Keep Tabs on Your Spending: Regularly monitor your expenditures through your card’s app or website to manage your budget effectively.
  • Choose Local Currency: Opt for payments in the local currency instead of AUD to avoid extra conversion fees.


Key Considerations When Selecting a Travel Money Card


Choosing the right card requires considering several factors:

  • Favorable Exchange Rates: Ensure the card offers good exchange rates for the Euro or other local currencies you will encounter.
  • Minimal Fees: Look for a card with low fees for ATM withdrawals and other transactions. Transparency about any associated costs is crucial.
  • Convenient Reload Options: Check if you can easily reload the card while traveling, either online or via an app.
  • Robust Security Features: Opt for a card that offers features like temporary locking and geo-specific security settings.
  • Reliable Customer Support: Ensure that you can access customer service easily, anytime and anywhere, should you need assistance.
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Is it better to use a debit card in Europe?

Yes it is better to use a debit card in Europe as it is cheaper than using funds from a credit card which have an interest rate typically of 20%, they are accepted in most places for payment, they are secure and you can transfer money into the account easily overseas.

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