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International transaction fees

How to Avoid International Transaction Fees

Are you planning a much-deserved trip abroad? Or have you just returned from a lovely relaxing holiday, only to be shocked when opening your card statement? What in the world are all these extra fees?!! I’ve been there myself. I had no idea an innocent online shopping spree or overseas trip could come with so many “uninvited guests”.

Card Fees

NAB International Transaction Fee

So, you’ve come across this guide, likely because you’ve had that all-too-familiar sinking feeling after seeing those unexpected charges on your card statement. Whether those fees appeared after an overseas trip or a virtual shopping spree, they have a knack for taking you by surprise. Or you’re gearing up for an upcoming holiday and want to make sure your hard-earned money stays in your pocket, where it belongs.

International transaction fees

CommBank International Transaction Fee

I’m going to assume that you’ve made your way to this page because you’ve found some unexpected charges on your card statement, either on return from your trip overseas or after spending too much online. Or maybe you’re planning a trip and want to ensure you don’t waste your hard-earned money.

Credit Card

Credit Cards With No International Fees

Tired of those hidden fees that pop up whenever you’re making purchases abroad or even just shopping online? We get it – those charges can quickly add up and become a real headache. Imagine being hit with a 3% foreign transaction fee every single time you make a purchase. It’s a frustration many travellers and online shoppers are all too familiar with and fed up with.

The Price of Happiness in Every Country

It’s not what you earn; it’s the way that you spend it — that’s what leads to happiness. So claim the authors of a Harvard-affiliated study that proposed eight principles to “help consumers get more happiness for their money.” Eight principles that begin with “(1) buy more experiences and fewer material goods” and end with “(8) pay close attention to the happiness of others.” Whether these techniques work or not, they add an important sense of quotidian nuance to what has become a rather academic debate about how much money you need to be happy. Notice that this ancient question […]