AUD to JPY Exchange Rate Forecasts for 2023

This article shows what banks are predicting for the AUD to JPY exchange rate over the long term in 2023.

The 2024 AUD JPY Forecasts are out now

With most of 2023 out of the way, attention turns to 2024.

Now that most economists have released their predictions for the AUD JPY exchange rate, head here to find out the most up to date forecasts:

AUD to JPY: Moving Steadily Down

The AUD JPY rate rose more than 15% in 2022 and is currently 104.065.  Most forecasts for the Australian dollar in 2023, have the rate heading in the opposite direction.

AUDJPY forecasts from bank majors 2023

AUDJPY Forecast Chart 2023

Source: Multinational bank aggregate data


*Wholesale exchange rate updated


Wholesale exchange rate updated

AUD to JPY Predictions in 2023

In the short term

While the banks predict the AUD to JPY exchange rate to steadily decline over the long term, there are plenty of influences on the Australian dollar and the Japanese Yen that can impact both currencies in the short term. These include:

  • Ski season in Japan and tourism is better than expected and Japan's economy bounces faster compared to Australia
  • Central bank policies to stimulate the economy is more effective in Japan than Australia, supporting the Yen
  • Japan or Australia is at risk of potential interest rate hikes as inflationary pressures continue to rise, leading to higher exchange rates
  • China’s demand for Australian commodities grows relatively more than Japanese manufacturing imports supporting the AUD
AUDJPY performance

What do bank analysts think about the AUD JPY in the long term?

The best time to exchange AUD to JPY

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Latest AUD JPY news

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