Has the AUD EUR peaked already in 2019?

The AUD to EUR exchange rate peaked in April around 0.64, but has since fallen again. A falling AUDEUR trend this year is being driven by a weaker Australian dollar, rather than any strength in the Euro. In fact, the Euro has been under pressure lately with Brexit and slower economic growth in major Eurozone countries. Meanwhile, the Australian dollar hit 10-year lows recently. Check today’s AUDEUR Forex Rate: Currency Converter and Graph So what are the major banks in their AUD and EUR forecasts for 2019, amongst all the political uncertainty from Brexit and slowing growth? ANZ – Predicts […]

ECB drops rates as the European economy slows down

In short AUD to EUR remains unchanged overnight The European Central Bank (ECB) is concerned about Europes economy and cut interest rates Weak inflation data out of the USA Time Open High Low Today 0.6207 Yesterday 0.6223 0.6231 0.6201 In the last week 0.6199 0.6249 0.6199 In the 3 months 0.6130 0.6280 0.6025

Is the AUD to USD running out of gas?

In short AUD to USD falls overnight to start the day at 0.6860 The European Central Bank (ECB) is concerned about Europes economy and cut interest rates The US / China trade war continues to dominate and influence markets Time Open High Low Today 0.6864 Yesterday 0.6874 0.6879 0.6860 In the last week 0.6851 0.6881 0.6848 In the 3 months 0.6871 0.7044 0.6710 The Australian dollar fell slightly overnight after hitting a 6-week high yesterday of 0.6893 Most of the markets attention was on the European Central Bank (ECB) which cut interest rates and announced it would reintroduce a large […]

Where is the Australian dollar heading for the rest of 2019?

Major banks predict the Australian dollar against the US dollar (AUDUSD or the ‘Aussie’) will remain weak. Recently, the Australian dollar (AUD/USD) fell to more than 10-year lows, below 67 cents. The AUD/USD is at the same levels as when the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) hit in 2008. The previous record low was 48 cents in April, 2001. In response to the falling AUD, the 4 major banks lowered their end of 2019 Australian dollar forecasts by 5-10%. They now agree the weak Aussie dollar will remain until the end of the year. Check today’s AUDUSD Forex Rate: Currency Converter […]