Is the Aussie Dollar vulnerable to another fall?

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In short

  1. The Australian dollar has fallen for most of 2019 and is still close to a 10 year low
  2. More interest rate cuts could send the AUD/USD even lower
  3. Tonight the RBA Governor speaks

AUD to USD exchange rates

Time Open Low High
Today 0.6776
In the last week 0.6768 0.6830
In the last month 0.6776 0.6926

The Australian dollar has broadly moved lower throughout 2019.

Starting the year above 70 cents, it had a brief rally up to 0.7250 before a gradual decline all year. Each time the AUD to USD rate moved higher, it seemed to fall days or weeks later.

Since hitting a 10 -year low in October, the Aussie dollar has once again rallied higher to reach 0.6926 before easing. But will history repeat?

Tonight and next week will have a lot to do with its direction.

The RBA chief gives a speech tonight and could indicate if interest rates will go lower or if the central bank is willing to deploy less conventional monetary policy tools like QE.

Next week, the RBA meets for the last time in 2019. An interest rate cut could send the Australian dollar lower.

Up Next

This week, we hear from the RBA in quick succession on Tuesday morning then again on Tuesday night.
Overseas, markets will be watching GDP data out of the US and Canada along with inflation data from the UK, Europe and Japan.


Country Day Event
Australia Tuesday RBA Governor Speech
USA Tuesday Federal Reserve Chair Powell Speech
USA Wednesday GDP data
Japan Thursday CPI (inflation) data
Eurozone Friday CPI (inflation) data
Canada Friday GDP data
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