The 5 Best Apps if You’re Travelling Around Australia

Mobile Apps for Travelling

In this digital age, technology plays a crucial role in enhancing the travel experience of modern adventurers. Smartphone apps have become indispensable companions, offering a wealth of information and resources at our fingertips.

In this article, we explore the best apps if you are travelling around Australia, focusing on their unique features and how they can help make your journey more enjoyable and hassle-free.

Our Recommendations for the 5 Best Apps if You're Travelling Around Australia:

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Uncover Australia's Hidden Gems with WikiCamps Australia


Comprehensive Resource for Accommodation

Planning your accommodation is a vital aspect of any trip. WikiCamps Australia simplifies this process by offering an extensive database of campgrounds, caravan parks, backpacker hostels, and day-use areas throughout the country.

The app allows you to filter search results based on your preferences, such as pet-friendly locations, ensuring you find the perfect spot to rest your head.


Discover Points of Interest

In addition to accommodation, WikiCamps Australia also highlights points of interest, such as national parks and tourist attractions.

The app features user-generated content and reviews, providing valuable insights from fellow travellers. This wealth of information makes it easy to uncover Australia's hidden gems and create a memorable itinerary.


Simplify Your Journey with CamperMate


Find Campsites and Facilities

CamperMate is another essential app for travellers in Australia and New Zealand. It helps you locate free and paid campsites, petrol stations, public restrooms, and other crucial facilities.

With detailed information on each listing, CamperMate ensures you have all the necessary amenities during your journey.


Additional Resources

Beyond its core features, CamperMate provides weather forecasts, safety alerts, and user-generated tips and reviews.

These additional resources contribute to a well-rounded travel experience, equipping you with valuable knowledge and ensuring you stay informed throughout your adventure.


Document Your Adventure with LiveTrekker


Create a Digital Travel Journal

Capture every moment of your Australian adventure with LiveTrekker. This app enables you to create a digital travel journal by tracking your route on a map and adding photos, videos, and notes.

With LiveTrekker, you can relive your journey and cherish the memories for years.


Share Your Journey

Sharing your experiences with friends and family is an integral part of travelling. LiveTrekker allows you to do just that with its social media integration and the ability to export your travel diary.

Keep your loved ones updated on your Australian escapades and inspire others with your captivating stories.


Stay Safe on the Road with Emergency+


Direct Line to Emergency Services

Safety should always be a priority when travelling. Emergency+ provides a direct line to police, fire, and ambulance services in case of an accident or crisis.

The app uses your phone's GPS to provide your location to the emergency operator, ensuring help arrives as quickly as possible.


Additional Features

In addition to its core function, Emergency+ offers emergency planning resources and non-emergency contacts. This comprehensive app ensures you're prepared for any situation, providing peace of mind throughout your journey.


Save Money on Fuel with Fuel Map Australia


Find Petrol Stations and Compare Prices

Fuel costs can be a significant expense when travelling around Australia.

Fuel Map Australia helps you find petrol stations and compare fuel prices across the country, allowing you to save money and find the most convenient locations to refuel.

With regularly updated information, you can trust the app to guide you to the best deals on fuel.


Plan Your Refuelling Stops

Beyond locating petrol stations, Fuel Map Australia also enables you to add refuelling stops to your itinerary and track your fuel consumption.

These features make it easy to manage your fuel budget and ensure you never run out of petrol in the middle of your journey.

In conclusion, these are some of the best apps if you are travelling around Australia that cater to various aspects of your trip, from accommodation and dining to safety and budget management.

By harnessing the power of these apps, you can create a seamless and enjoyable travel experience, allowing you to focus on exploring Australia's stunning landscapes, vibrant cities, and rich culture.

So pack your bags, download these apps, and embark on the adventure of a lifetime!

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