how much spending money for USA

How Much Spending Money You’ll Need in the USA for 1, 2 or 4 Weeks

It’s not an easy task to figure out how much spending money to take to the USA. The United States keeps you on your toes with every American state (and sometimes even individual cities within states) imposing its own tax rates and rules. Those rates and rules will affect everything you buy, from your Statue of Liberty souvenirs to tickets to a baseball game. In Montana, for instance, there’s no sales tax. But in Louisiana, it’s 10%. All of that means there’s no standard budget you can apply to every state. On top of that, how much you spend will […]

how much spending money for Europe

How Much Spending Money to Take to Europe for 1, 2 or 4 Weeks

It’s almost impossible to calculate the right amount of money you need to take with you on a holiday to Europe. You’re talking about a continent that features 50-odd diverse countries and some 25 currencies. The amount of spending money for Europe depends on a variety of factors, including: Where you intend to travel How long your stay will be The style of travel you prefer Are you sticking mainly to Eastern or Western Europe? Venturing up to Scandinavia or down to the Mediterranean? Are you staying in one city or country, or are you travelling across broad swathes of […]

Best ways to take money to Europe

The 6 Best Ways to Take Money to Europe

Thanks to the proliferation of a single currency (the euro is the official currency of 19 European nations) and the global rise in plastic payments and ATMs, it’s easier than ever to carry cash across Europe. You no longer have to worry (for the most part) about exchanging money as you cross every border. Nor do you need to load yourself up with travellers cheques before you go. But with many more money options out there – credit cards, debit cards, travel money cards, or cold, hard cash – it can also be harder than ever to figure out what […]

Best Ways to Take Money to New Zealand

The 6 Best Ways to Take Money to New Zealand from Australia

New Zealand already has so much in common with Australia that you could be forgiven for thinking you could use your Aussie dollars in the Land of the Long White Cloud. Not so. Instead, you’ll need to convert your Aussie dollar into the local NZ dollar. But what exactly is the best way to take your money from Australia to New Zealand? Our advice: combine a few of our top six options to get the most flexibility:   Take Australian dollars to exchange in New Zealand Buying NZ dollars in Australia Buying a prepaid travel money card Paying with your […]

is it cheaper to exchange currency abroad

Where is it Cheaper to Buy Foreign Currency, Australia or Abroad?

In most cases, it is cheaper to buy your foreign currency at home in Australia before you head overseas but there are some important exceptions. It’s cheaper to convert Australian dollars into foreign currency if you are travelling to Singapore, Bali, Thailand or Hong Kong. If you are heading overseas in the next few months, here are some practical tips to get more out of your travel money: Places with the best exchange rates in Australia Buying currency online Using credit cards and debit cards overseas The best places to exchange currency abroad Conclusion and travel tips Buying travel money […]

foreign currency coins

What you can do with foreign currency coins

If you’ve travelled overseas, chances are, it’s happened to you. During your trip, your wallets and pockets become filled with foreign currency coins. Coins that, when you look at them, you have no idea if it’s worth 5 cents or 5 dollars. Then when you get back home, they get piled in with all the other coins from other trips or worse – they end up in the bin. Unfortunately, Australian money changers will rarely exchange these left over foreign coins but they aren’t worthless. Here are a few alternatives to throwing them out.

low Australian dollar

The Winners and Losers from a Low Australian Dollar

The Australian dollar recently hit its lowest point since 2002 as it plummeted to 55 cents. It’s now lost more than 10% in 10 days and it’s not just the AUD/USD exchange rate that’s falling. The Australian dollar is down against most other currencies like the euro, pound, yen and kiwi dollar. So is a low Australian dollar good or bad? Like many things, it really depends on your situation. There are definitely winners and losers from a low Australian dollar. The big winners out of a low Australian dollar are some of the parts of the economy that have […]

Best Ways to Take Money to Japan

The 7 Best Ways to Take Money to Japan from Australia

Japan is renowned for being technologically advanced yet cash is still the most predominant payment method across the country. In fact, four out of five purchases are still made with cash. Which raises the question: what’s the best way to take money to Japan from Australia? With foreign-friendly ATMs still somewhat elusive and over-the-counter card payments patchy, the best way to take money to Japan involves combining a number of options:   Taking Australian dollars to exchange in Japan Buying Japanese yen in Australia Withdrawing Japanese yen from ATMs in Japan Buying a prepaid travel money card Paying with your […]

4 Alternatives to Travel Money Oz

4 Excellent alternatives to Travel Money Oz

  Travel Money Oz have more stores than any other money exchange service but they aren’t always the cheapest option. Here are 4 currency exchange providers like Travel Money Oz that have some of the best exchange rates in Australia. S Money Crown Currency Travelex Unimoni

Australian dollar recovers nearly 10 cents off recent lows

In short The Australian dollar has risen from 55 cents to 64 cents against the US dollar Money that flooded into US dollars as investors seek the safety of ‘safe haven’ assets is now flowing in the opposite direction The AUD has also gone up against the Euro, Yen and British Pound Time Open Low High Today 0.6384 In the last week 0.6133 0.6444 In the last month 0.5530 0.6444 The Australian dollar has bounced back after it fell to 55 cents less than a month ago. It has rallied more than 9 cents against the US dollar but has […]

How Much Spending Money Japan

How Much Spending Money You’ll Need in Japan for 1, 2 or 4 Weeks

Japan is one of those destinations people dream of visiting. With the majestic Mt Fuji rising over an undulating landscape, what’s not to love? The mystifying blend of traditional and modern cultures, from the geisha culture of Kyoto to Tokyo’s robot restaurants, makes Japan a destination that never fails to delight and surprise its visitors. If it’s your first time going to Japan, it’s hard to know what your savings target should be for everyday expenses. The amount of money you’ll want to take with you to Japan depends on how you prefer to travel and how long you’ll be […]

best way to take money to the UK

The 6 Best Ways to Take Money to the UK from Australia

With a trip to the United Kingdom looming, you’ll be stuck into the planning mode as the excitement (and stress!) builds. There’s so much to think about that figuring out how to take your money to the UK from Australia is just another task to add to the list. So we’re here to break it down for you. From cold hard cash to travel cards or the bank cards you already own, what’s the best option? We’ve created a list of the best ways to carry money to the UK from Australia, including:   Taking Australian dollars to exchange in […]

best time to buy euros with Australian dollars

When is the best time to buy euros with Australian dollars?

If you are travelling to Europe from Australia, the best time to buy euros with Australian dollars was in late February 2021. This is because the AUD/EUR peaked at 0.6555 and has fallen gradually since. The same applies to anyone transferring money to Europe. As a rule of thumb, if you are buying euros with Australian dollars, you want the AUD/EUR exchange rate to be as high as possible. The higher the rate, the better it is for you. It means that you will receive more euros for the same amount of Australian dollars.   To work out the best […]

Best Ways to Take Money to the US

The 6 Best Ways to Take Money to the US from Australia

If you’re off to the United States, you’re probably not just filled with excitement, but also overwhelmed by a long to-do list that entails everything from filling out your visa waiver form to booking accommodation. One of the hardest things to figure out is the best way to convert your Aussie dollars to US dollars, and how to take that spending money to the US. Is a prepaid travel money card a good option or would cold, hard cash be better? In this article, we list our favourite ways to carry money to the US and outline the pros and […]

Will the Australian dollar fall any lower in 2020?

In the first 3 months of 2020, the Australian dollar has fallen an amazing 15 cents from above 70 cents to 55. Now that it has recovered back above 60 cents, will it fall any further this year? Surprisingly, most bank forecasts have the Australian dollar slightly higher towards the middle and back end of 2020. So while it may fall further, it could still recover by the end of the year. While there are several reasons for the fall in the Australian dollar, they all have one thing in common – the coronavirus. Some of the reasons include: A […]

Travelex vs Travel Money Oz

Travelex vs Travel Money Oz vs S Money

Travelex, Travel Money Oz and S Money all allow Australians to buy currency online. But which one is the cheapest? While S Money has the best exchange rates, it does have a service fee. This means that to find the cheapest option, you need to look at the total cost of the currency including all the fees. You can either go to each site and get a quote with each company or use an exchange rate comparison table that includes not just exchange rates, but any service fee too. While price is important, it’s not the only difference between these […]

Can You Get Coronavirus from Handling Foreign Currency Notes and Coins?

Can you get coronavirus from handling foreign currency notes and coins?

  The COVID-19 pandemic has swept across the world, making it hard to work out what is safe to touch without risk of contracting the coronavirus. If you need to handle bank notes or coins from overseas, can you be sure it’s completely safe? How long Coronavirus lasts on different surfaces depends on the material you are touching. Touching a surface made of copper is different to touching plastic or cardboard. Research from the University of California (UCLA) has given some insight into how long the virus remains on different surfaces. They discovered that COVID-19 was still detectable on different […]

AUD in GFC style freefall dropping 10 cents in 10 days

In short The AUD is collapsing against the US dollar, Euro and Yen Money is flooding into US dollars as investors seek the safety of ‘safe haven’ assets The Australian dollar has reached parity with the New Zealand dollar Time Open Low High Today 0.5739 In the last week 0.5530 0.6315 In the last month 0.5530 0.6710 The Australian dollar is in free fall. In scenes reminiscent of the Global Financial Crisis, the Aussie dollar crashed to 55 cents before making a minor recovery to end the day just above 57 cents. The AUD to USD exchange rate has fallen […]