Melbourne Currency Exchangers Close for Stage 4 Restrictions

If you need to exchange currency in Melbourne right now, you’ll have to wait at least 6 weeks. Every money exchange store in Melbourne was forced to close their doors under stage 4 business restrictions from today. Under these new restrictions, financial and insurance services will be closed with the exception of bank branches and critical banking services. This also includes currency exchange outlets at the airports. The Victorian government has indicated that stage four restrictions are expected to be in place for 6 weeks. That would mean that businesses remained closed until at least Monday the 14th of September. […]

Currency in New Caledonia

Currency in New Caledonia

The Travel Money Guide to Currency in New Caledonia New Caledonia is one of our favourite jewels in the South Pacific crown. But it isn’t a budget destination and to get the most out of your trip, it’s a good idea to learn everything you can about the local currency and payment options before you go. The official currency of New Caledonia is the Pacific Franc (CFP or XPF) – money you’ll quickly become familiar with since plastic payments still aren’t common away from the tourist hotspots. Want to learn more about the franc and how to get your hands […]

Best Ways to Take Money to Vanuatu

The 5 Best Ways to Take Money to Vanuatu from Australia

Vanuatu boasts luxury beach resorts, beautiful waterfalls, volcanos, and intoxicating underwater reefs perfect for snorkelling or diving. We love it so much that Australians account for almost all cruise ship visitors to Vanuatu and some two-thirds of their long-stay visitors. But how do you get the most out of your stay without squandering your savings on unnecessary fees and charges during currency exchanges? Here are the 5 best ways to take money to Vanuatu from Australia and will ensure you get the most out of your trip (and your budget!). Buying vatu in Australia before leaving Taking Australian dollars to […]

AUD USD Rises Above 72 cents for the first time in 17 months

For the first time since February 2019, the Australian dollar has risen above 72 cents. It caps off a remarkable period for the Aussie dollar which hit 0.5740 in late March. The massive rally higher has been driven by: An increase in commodity prices A weaker US dollar Increased risk sentiment The forecast for the AUD/USD remains uncertain heading into the back half of 2020. While many agree that the US dollar could weaken further, commodity prices are less likely to continue higher. There is also the possibility of increased volatility which historically, has had a negative impact on the […]

how much money should i take to Vanuatu

How Much Spending Money to Take to Vanuatu

If you’ve booked a trip to Vanuatu, you want it to be everything you dreamed of. You’ll want to do it all, not have to choose between diving in the blue holes or heading to the Cascades because of budget constraints. A holiday to Vanuatu is about rest and relaxation. Give yourself a little more opportunity to rest by budgeting the adventure right from the outset. On average, tourists spend roughly 45,000 vatu a day on their getaway (the Vanuatu currency). But to figure out the right budget for your needs, you need to factor in: Where you want to […]

The Aussie dollar rockets to a 15-month high above 71 cents

Yesterday, the Australian dollar pushed higher to hit a 15-month high. A softer US dollar helped propel the AUD/USD rate to 0.7181 before easing back about 0.5% this morning. The Aussie dollar managed to strengthen despite a rise in coronavirus cases both locally and in the US. The extension of the JobKeeper and JobSeeker programs by the federal government set a positive tone for the local currency which also move higher agains many other major currencies. While a higher AUD benefits Australians heading overseas, most locals can’t take advantage of it with international travel bans likely to remain in place […]

Currency in Vanuatu

Currency in Vanuatu

The 2022 Travel Money Guide to Currency in Vanuatu for Australians Vanuatu is one of our favourite South Pacific holiday destinations, thanks to its luxurious boutique hotels, enticing regional cuisine, wreck diving, blue hole explorations, and extravagant spa life. With more than 80 islands, Vanuatu has plenty to offer but this also complicates money matters when travelling around. The official currency of Vanuatu is the vatu and in many parts of Vanuatu, you’ll be relying on vatu cash for everything. Modern payment options, from ATMs and banks to card payments, are a rarity beyond the main cities. So in this […]

Australian Dollar forecasts

The Australian Dollar hits 70 cents for just the third time in 2020

After weeks of flirting just short around 69 cents, the AUD/USD exchange has risen back above 70 cents for only the third time in of 2020. The Australian dollar traded between 0.6850 and 0.6950 for much of June and the first half of July before breaking higher. A mixture of higher commodity prices, particularly iron ore and a weaker US dollar was enough to finally crack through 70 cents. Against the other major currencies, the Aussie dollar has barely moved. In the last month, it has been largely unchanged against the British Pound, Euro, Japanese Yen and New Zealand Dollar.

how much spending money for fiji

How Much Spending Money for Fiji in One & Two Weeks

Enjoy your days exploring some of the world’s most incredible soft coral reefs, resting up by the pool, and then sampling the local cuisine in a first-class establishment on one of Fiji’s 333 islands. Fiji has plenty to offer but with so many options – day snorkelling trips, multi-day cruises, sky diving packages, island-hopping, and more – it’s tricky to calculate how much spending money you need to make the most of your trip. On average, we recommend budgeting: FJ $1000 for budget per week FJ $2,200 for mid-range per week FJ $4,800 for luxury per week Only when you’ve […]

Best way to take money to Fiji

The 5 Best Ways to Take Money to Fiji from Australia

It’s a fact. Australians love Fiji. We love Fiji so much that we account for 42% of the island nation’s annual visitors. After all, what’s not to love? Fiji tempts us with its stunning beaches, laid back culture, and crystalline waters. So how do you get the most out of this Soft Coral Capital of the World and its 300+ islands? Finding the right travel money options will help you make the most of your time away AND will save you money in the long run. The best ways to take money to Australia from Fiji? We recommend choosing at […]

NZ travel bubble

What Travel to NZ Will Look Like in a Trans Tasman Bubble

Since early May, there’s been talk of creating a NZ travel bubble, or trans-Tasman travel bubble, which would allow free movement between Australia and New Zealand in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. With the situation in each country continuously shifting, it’s been tricky to nail down any exact dates or confirmation that a trans-Tasman bubble will exist at all in the coming months. But the likelihood is that New Zealand WILL be the first international port of call for Australians when the blessed time comes for us to be able to travel overseas again. But though we look forward […]

why every currency exchange offers a different rate

Why Every Currency Exchange Offers a Different Rate

If you’ve ever had to buy some foreign currency before a trip overseas, you probably noticed that every website has a different exchange rate. On top of this, no money changers seem to use the same rate as or Google. While it can be frustrating, knowing why each each exchange rate is different will help you not only find the best exchange rates, but also work out the cheapest way to buy your foreign currency. It comes down to money and the cost to get it to you. What is the online rate that I can see on Google […]

Best exchange rate in Australia

Is It Cheaper to Buy Foreign Currency Online?

Compared to the traditional way of buying currency in person, ordering foreign currency online is usually cheaper. Money changers that have a retail store have to pay for rent, staff and insurance. Online money changers like S Money don’t have these large costs, making it easier to provide better exchange rates and lower fees. Buying foreign currency online is also a lot easier. Unlike physical stores, all exchange rates are displayed clearly so you know what you are going to pay. In most cases, you can also get your currency delivered to your door, saving you the hassle of driving […]

Currency in Fiji

Currency in Fiji

An Australian Travellers Money Guide to Currency Exchange in Fiji Fiji is just a short flight from the Australian east coast, making it a popular holiday destination for couples and families. And what’s not to love? You’ll be exploring white sand beaches, enjoying fresh coconuts, and snorkelling in reefs that earned Fiji the moniker the “Soft Coral Capital of the World”. A holiday destination like this deserves the utmost relaxation. So now is the time to read up on the currency in Fiji and find out the best travel money options for your trip. Our guide will help you figure […]

Currency in China

Currency in China

An Australian Travellers Money Guide to Currency Exchange in China You’ll have more than enough to wrap your head around with China’s different culture, language, customs, and lifestyle. Why not save yourself one less stress? It helps to get savvy about money matters in China before you go. This post covers everything from how and where to exchange currencies to the average costs of things in China. Read on to learn more about spending in China, including: What currency is used in China Converting Chinese currency to Australian dollars Currency exchange in China How to buy currency before you leave […]

Currency in Canada

Currency in Canada

An Australian Travellers Money Guide to Currency in Canada What’s not to love about Canada? Our northern hemisphere cousins boast incredible ski fields, vibrant cities, and stunning coastlines waiting to be explored. Your Canadian holiday will be a little easier if you’re familiar with the country’s money matters: what the local currency is, whether you can use US cash in Canada, and the best ways to pay (cash vs card). The local currency is the Canadian dollar, with the currency code CAD and the symbol $ (or CA$ internationally). With local prices bearing a striking resemblance to AUD, it’s easy […]

Currency in Singapore

Currency in Singapore

An Australian Travellers Money Guide to Currency Exchange in Singapore for 2022 Whether Singapore is your holiday destination or just a fun stopover on the way to somewhere else, the city-state will quickly capture your heart. Travelling can be a little stressful but with a little knowledge of the country’s money situation, your trip will go a lot more smoothly. Read on to learn more about the currency in Singapore and spending while you’re there, including: What currency is used in Singapore Converting Singapore currency to Australian dollars Currency exchange in Singapore How to buy currency before you leave Using […]

Currency in Bali, Indonesia

Currency in Bali Indonesia

The 2022 Travel Money Guide to Currency in Bali and Indonesia Bali is one of our most loved travel destinations but if this is your first trip, it’ll go a lot more smoothly if you’re informed about the currency in Bali. This guide is designed to get you up to speed with everything related to paying for things in Indonesia. You’ll learn: Which currency is used in Bali What currency in Bali looks like The average costs of things in Bali How the Bali currency converts Currency Exchange in Bali How to buy currency before you leave Using bank cards […]