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Natalie Robertson

Natalie is a manager and producer of helpful personal finance content. She has over a decade of banking experience and is passionate about educating readers with accurate information.
She also raises two young active boys and a dog. No matter which hat she's wearing, her goal is simple -- empower others to make better choices and save money. She loves nothing better than to nerd up on data, rock climb, and have fun with her family.


Natalie has a BCom(hons)/BSci in International Business and Psychology from UNSW

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New Zealand Mountains

How Much Spending Money You’ll Need in NZ for 1, 2 or 4 weeks

New Zealand is renowned for its adventurous holidays, from ski packages in Queenstown to cruises through Milford Sound. With options like bungee jumping, glacier hiking, snowboarding, and skydiving available, it’s hard to know exactly how much money you’ll need to appreciate the full Kiwi experience. Calculating your budget for an epic New Zealand holiday involves thinking about: The kind of activities you intend to do. How much cross-country travelling you’ll do. Your preferred style of travelling (are you after the luxury experience or the classic New Zealand backpacking experience) How long your journey will take. The currency for New Zealand […]

how much spending money you'll need in the uk

How Much Spending Money You’ll Need in the UK for 1, 2 or 4 Weeks

It’s home to Big Ben, Stonehenge, the much-loved Devonshire tea, and of course, the Queen herself. The United Kingdom has plenty to offer and now it’s calling you. With a destination famed for its iconic attractions, it’s hard to know just how much cash you’ll use to make your holiday everything you’ve dreamed of. On average, it’s a good idea to put aside enough for £135 of currency in the UK each day but your budget will ultimately depend on how you like to travel (for example, budget or luxury) as well as how long you’ll be away for.

AUDGBP Forecast

2021 AUDGBP Dollar Forecasts

The Australian dollar against the British Pound (AUDGBP) changes every second. This article shares bank forecasts to help you predict changes in the AUDGBP rate. The 2022 Forecasts for the AUD to GBP are out now With most of 2021 out of the way, attention turns to 2022. Now that most economists have released their predictions for the Australian dollar, head here to find out the most up to date forecasts: