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Natalie Robertson

Natalie is a manager and producer of helpful personal finance content. She has over a decade of banking experience and is passionate about educating readers with accurate information.
She also raises two young active boys and a dog. No matter which hat she's wearing, her goal is simple -- empower others to make better choices and save money. She loves nothing better than to nerd up on data, rock climb, and have fun with her family.


Natalie has a BCom(hons)/BSci in International Business and Psychology from UNSW

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how expensive is New Caledonia

How Much Spending Money to Take to New Caledonia

While Australians love visiting New Caledonia, either on a cruise or on an island getaway, there’s no avoiding it… New Caledonia is expensive. Is it still worth visiting? You bet it is. With a collection of stunning tropical islands and an intoxicating French-Melanesian culture, this South Pacific island has plenty to offer. So to make the most of your visit, you just need to budget it right from the start. New Caledonia’s official currency is the Comptoirs Français du Pacifique, commonly called the Pacific franc (CFP). A suitable daily budget for spending money in New Caledonia is between 15000 CFP […]