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how much spending money for USA

How Much Spending Money You’ll Need in the USA for 1, 2 or 4 Weeks

It’s not an easy task to figure out how much spending money to take to the USA. The United States keeps you on your toes with every American state (and sometimes even individual cities within states) imposing its own tax rates and rules. Those rates and rules will affect everything you buy, from your Statue of Liberty souvenirs to tickets to a baseball game. In Montana, for instance, there’s no sales tax. But in Louisiana, it’s 10%. All of that means there’s no standard budget you can apply to every state. On top of that, how much you spend will […]

how much spending money for Europe

How Much Spending Money to Take to Europe for 1, 2 or 4 Weeks

It’s almost impossible to calculate the right amount of money you need to take with you on a holiday to Europe. You’re talking about a continent that features 50-odd diverse countries and some 25 currencies. The amount of spending money for Europe depends on a variety of factors, including: Where you intend to travel How long your stay will be The style of travel you prefer Are you sticking mainly to Eastern or Western Europe? Venturing up to Scandinavia or down to the Mediterranean? Are you staying in one city or country, or are you travelling across broad swathes of […]

How Much Spending Money Japan

How Much Spending Money You’ll Need in Japan for 1, 2 or 4 Weeks

Japan is one of those destinations people dream of visiting. With the majestic Mt Fuji rising over an undulating landscape, what’s not to love? The mystifying blend of traditional and modern cultures, from the geisha culture of Kyoto to Tokyo’s robot restaurants, makes Japan a destination that never fails to delight and surprise its visitors. If it’s your first time going to Japan, it’s hard to know what your savings target should be for everyday expenses. The amount of money you’ll want to take with you to Japan depends on how you prefer to travel and how long you’ll be […]