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What is the best AUD to NZD exchange rate today for cash?

Today the best AUD to NZD exchange rate for cash is 1.0885. This is the rate that gives you the most money when you are converting your currency. It has many names including the 'wholesale rate', the 'interbank rate' or the ' live mid-market rate'.

The good news is that it can easily be found in lots of places. For example, if you wanted to buy some NZ dollars to travel overseas you can find the rate on Google by searching "AUD to NZD". Alternatively you can find it on XE or Yahoo. In fact, most currency converters use the same exchange rate.

At S Money we match the AUD to NZD currency exchange rate with the rate shown on Google or XE. In real time. This means you never pay over-inflated rates and can be 100% positive you are getting the most competitive rate to buy NZ dollars in cash.

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Australian Dollar
6 results found - Results rounded down to nearest available denomination
  • 1.0885
  • 61.74 AUD
  • $2,000 AUD
  • Best Price
  • 1.0526
  • 0.00 AUD
  • $1,995 AUD
  • $5 less
  • 1.0505
  • 0.00 AUD
  • $1,999 AUD
  • $1 less
  • 1.0426
  • 0.00 AUD
  • $2,014 AUD
  • $14 more expensive
  • 1.0344
  • 0.00 AUD
  • $2,030 AUD
  • $30 more expensive
  • 1.0427
  • 20.00 AUD
  • $2,034 AUD
  • $34 more expensive

What is best place to exchange AUD to NZD in Australia?

The best place to exchange AUD to NZD depends on your amount. For amounts under $6000 Australian dollars, S Money gives the best AUD to NZD exchange rate. For larger amounts, it's better to head into a store and try to negotiate as good a rate as possible. There are more money changers in the CBD and because of all the competition, it's the best way to convert larger amounts of AUD into New Zealand dollars.

Is there a best day or time to exchange AUD to NZD?

There isn't a particular day of the week or month that is the 'best day'. Exchange rates constantly move and are very hard to forecast. Money exchange stores and online currency exchange services will move their exchange rates up and down as the Australian dollar moves.

Unfortunately, no one can tell you when the best time to exchange AUD to NZD is, but you can track the rate.

You set the rate you would like to buy and let us to the work. We will email you when the AUD gets within the range you would like to buy NZ dollars.

NZD Rate

Compare exchange rates

You can compare exchange rates, to find the best rate to convert AUD to NZD. You can use our tables or go to a comparison site like The Currency Shop. Make sure you compare the total cost of each service including any fees and charges.

5 of the best ways to exchange AUD to NZD

If you are heading overseas or just want to convert some Australian dollars (AUD) to New Zealand dollars (NZD) to keep on hand, it's important to find the best way to exchange your money. Here are 5 top ways currently available in Australia

  1. Online - If you are looking to buy some NZ dollars in cash, you can now do it online. It's similar to buying anything else online but you will need some ID on hand. Online money changers, like S Money, have the best exchange rates. Most will either deliver it to your home or allow click and collect.
  2. In-store -  this is one of the best ways to get your currency fast. Just locate a store near you and bring your ID. It's a good idea to call ahead to check their rates and to make sure they have enough New Zealand dollars in stock.
  3. Overseas - Sometimes it can actually be cheaper to buy your NZ dollars abroad. In Auckland, on Queen street have very competitive money changers if you are willing to go out of your way to find them.
  4. International money transfers - If you are sending money from Australia to New Zealand, using a money transfer service like Wise or OFX is a great way to convert your currency. These online services are a much cheaper option than using an Australian bank.
  5. Travel money cards - These cards used to have terrible exchange rates and a heaps of hidden fees. While this is still the case with most bank travel cards, there are much better options available. These include Revolut, Wise and the 28 Degrees card.

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