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Wholesale exchange rate updated

Please understand that the rates displayed on the graph are historical. They are NOT the exchange rates that S Money is offering today. The rates displayed are the “interbank” or “wholesale” exchange rates that you can find on Google or XE. We show these rates so you can see when the best time to buy US dollars was.

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Aussie Dollar finishes the week lower

In short The Federal Reserve cuts interest rates in the US The AUD/USD loses some ground but stays above 68 cents The AUD/GBP also continues to fall to a 4 week low Time Open Low High Today 0.6795 Yesterday 0.6789 0.6809 In the last week 0.6790 0.6880 In the 3 months 0.6734 0.7044 After spending 2 weeks with little to no movement, the Australian dollar fell this week below 68 cents. It was largely driven by the Wednesday night statement from the US Federal Reserve that reminded everyone that the US economy is still in pretty good shape. Since then, […]

Will the AUDJPY rate go up by the end of 2019?

Not likely. Since March, the Japanese Yen (JPY) moved higher, but the Australian dollar (AUD) plunged. The result short-term, has been a AUD JPY exchange rate that dropped to 10-year lows. With investors worried about US and China trade wars, most of the investment is flowing to the Japanese Yen. This is because the Japanese Yen is considered a “safe” investment, while the Australian Dollar is considered a relatively “high risk” asset. Bank experts find this interplay between the Australian dollar and Japanese Yen interesting, because it shows how worried or happy investors are about the state of the global […]

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Will the AUDGBP rate fall by the end of 2019?

Potentially. This year the AUD GBP exchange rate is influenced by the looming exit of Britain from the Eurozone (or Brexit). In fact, the Pound Sterling (GBP) has been on a roller coaster ride ever since “Brexit” was voted for and announced in June 2016. The GBP saw massive falls in 2016, only to gradually rise in 2017 and 2018. The Aussie dollar is also falling this year, but not as drastically as the British Pound. With both the AUD and GBP dropping, the AUDGBP exchange rate has wobbled anywhere between 0.5300 and 0.5800 since the beginning of the year. […]

Australian Dollar takes a breath below 69 cents

In short AUD to USD has been stuck between 68 and 69 cents The Australian dollar has bounced back from a 10-year low earlier in September Australian employment data is out on Thursday with an increase in unemployment tipped Time Open Low High Today 0.6865 Yesterday 0.6833 0.6869 In the last week 0.6848 0.6881 In the 3 months 0.6727 0.7072 There has been plenty of news out this week but very little movement in currency markets. The Saudi oil attacks have thrown oil markets into turmoil. In the past, volatility in commodity markets have also had an impact on the […]

AUDNZD exchange rate moving up and hits a 10-month high

In short AUD/NZD reached 1.0826 – the highest rate since November 2018 It has raced up over 4 cents in 4 weeks A slowing economy in New Zealand has led to interest rate cuts Time Open High Low Today 1.0798 Yesterday 1.0815 1.0826 1.0796 In the last week 1.0684 1.0820 1.0683 In the 3 months 1.0496 1.0826 1.0318 The AUD/NZD exchange rate continued on its recent march higher, hitting a 10 month high above 1.0800 this week. After moving sideways for most of 2019, the rate has been motoring higher since the kiwi central bank (the Reserve Bank of New […]