Currency in Qatar

A Travel Money Guide to Qatar

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Uncover unique experiences, hidden gems and show-stopping events in beautiful Qatar! From new eateries and mouth-watering foods to extraordinary beaches and sights off the beaten track, every day in Qatar brings world-class hospitality and something new to discover.

Our guide helps you get a little more savvy in your financial decision-making by giving you an overview on:

What Currency is Used in Qatar?

The currency sign in Qatar is the Qatari Riyal while the currency code is QAR. Currently, you can find Qatari Riyal bank notes in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 50, 100 and 500 riyals. A riyal is divided into 100 dirhams.

Qatar coins in circulation are 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 dirhams.


Using Your Bank Card in Qatar

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Some of the best travel money cards include debit, credit and prepaid cards. While most major stores are happy to facilitate card payments, if you find yourself at a smaller or stand-alone local store, bear in mind that they generally use cash, particularly in the markets.

Whether you choose to pay with your card more often is still up to you, as long as you’re aware of the fees and charges incurred by the respective cards.

Debit Cards

In Qatar, you’ll have no trouble using a debit card at larger stores. It is important however to check the terms and conditions with your credit card provider, as you may incur exorbitant fees for the currency conversion, foreign transaction, and overseas ATM withdrawals.

To make your trip hassle-free, look for a bank card that’s designed for frequent travellers. Some travel-friendly debit cards that waive a portion of the charges include Wise, ING, Citibank and Revolut.

All major credit cards are accepted as currency in Italy

Credit Cards

Credit cards are widely accepted at larger stores in Qatar. It would be best to bring cards connected with Visa or Mastercard as they are commonly accepted. You could bring multiple cards to ensure you are prepared for any unforeseen circumstances.

Before travelling, ensure to read up on the costs of using your credit card overseas, like possible overseas withdrawal fees and cash advance fees at the ATM.

Some credit cards come with attractive features for frequent travellers, including complimentary travel insurance, rewards points, and additional security measures.

But the perks are countered by some exorbitant charges if you use your card overseas, including:

  • International transaction fees
  • High exchange rate margins
  • ATM fees
  • Potential ‘cash advance fees’ if you use an ATM

As with debit cards, there are some exceptions. Bankwest Platinum and 28 Degrees cards are designed for travellers and waive the currency conversion fees.

Prepaid Travel Cards

Prepaid travel cards are perfect for using and storing foreign currency. In addition to locking in a favourable exchange rate with prepaid cards, you also receive a useful back-up card!

Even though they are convenient, you could end up with hidden fees. Some travel cards still impose the following:

  • Currency conversion fees
  • Uncompetitive exchange rates
  • International ATM withdrawal fees
  • Reload fees
  • Inactivity fees

Using a Currency Converter For Qatari Riyal

The Qatari riyal (QAR) is relatively stable to the Australian dollar (AUD) and the New Zealand dollar. Converting AUD to QAR is easy with our currency conversion tool.

Simply enter in the value and currencies to figure out how much it would cost you to buy Qatari riyal with S Money today. We use the same mid-market rate you’d find on Google or


*Wholesale exchange rate updated

How to Exchange Currency in Qatar

As the Qatari riyal is Qatar’s national currency, it would be essential to have some of it on hand. Even though debit and credit cards are accepted at larger stores, you won’t want to find yourself without cash when you’re at the smaller, local stores. Here’s how you can get currency once you arrive in the country.

You can use the available ATMs for currency in Italy

ATMs in Qatar

ATMs can be found in the major shopping malls, hotels and some markets so you shouldn’t have an issue locating one. A good tip would be to make a large withdrawal every few days, in order to save on transaction fees. Like with any cash machine, remember to take necessary precautions and be sensitive to risks of fraud.

Qatar Currency Exchange Outlets

There are various ways to change your AUD into QAR in Qatar. Changing your money to Qatari riyal prior to your trip would be ideal but you can also exchange foreign currency at some banks and official money-exchange desks but look out for service fees.


Currency exchange in Italy is easy and available

Travellers Cheques

Due to the prevalence of debit and credit cards, traveller cheques are not commonly used in Qatar. We would recommend sticking with ATM withdrawals and currency exchanges if you’re looking for convenience and better value.

Buying Qatar Currency Before You Go

Buying Qatari riyals before you leave home can be a seamless process, with three main options to suit your needs:

  • Buy QAR online and have it delivered or collect it in-store.
  • Buy from a bureau de change.
  • Buy at your home airport.

Since bureau de change desks at Australian airports are renowned for their poor rates, we recommend avoiding them and picking up your currency ahead of time.

A fuss-free way to secure your travel money is to order it online. It can be delivered to your door or made available for pick-up at a convenient location. Online currency providers offer competitive deals you’re unlikely to find elsewhere. For example, S Money offers the same rate listed on Google and

If you’re in the city, an alternative is to visit a CBD bureau de change. Suburban outlets don’t have the competition to keep prices low and banks often supply high fees and poor rates.

What Will Qatari Riyal Buy Me?

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Having to convert leftover foreign cash back into AUD at the end of a trip can be a chore. To avoid the unnecessary fees that come with this, simply calculate your budget before you leave. What would your budget be, you might ask? Well, it depends on your travel itinerary and whether you prefer backpacking or luxury.

Prices vary across Qatar but here are some average costs (all prices quoted in Qatari riyal):

QAR 348

A night in a 3-star hotel

QAR 60

Lunch at a restaurant

QAR 42

Drinks for one day

QAR 67

Public transport

QAR 54

Admission tickets to an attraction

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