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Wholesale exchange rate updated

Please understand that the rates displayed on the graph are historical. They are NOT the exchange rates that S Money is offering today. The rates displayed are the “interbank” or “wholesale” exchange rates that you can find on Google or XE. We show these rates so you can see when the best time to buy US dollars was.

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Best Travel Money Cards

Australians love to travel and a travel money card is a great tool to take on your international travel. It allows you to pay for things whilst travelling overseas, in convenient locations like shops, restaurants, hotels and ATM’s. Travel money cards work in a similar way to Australian ATM cards, they use a pin when you purchase goods or services overseas. In the guide we have compared lots of travel cards to give you the best travel money cards for Australians travelling overseas.   Our Top 6 Travel Money Cards: Wise Travel Card – Best Exchange Rates Revolut – Best […]

2022 AUD GBP Forecasts

This article looks at what the banks are predicting for the AUD to GBP exchange rate over the long term in 2022.

Inflation, Interest Rates and the Australian Dollar: How they are all connected

  This week, the Australian dollar moved higher after recently released figures showed that inflation was on the rise. In fact, across the globe, exchange rates have been adjusting recently to higher than expected surges in inflation. But why does inflation change the value of the Australia dollar? Well, it’s because inflation and expectations of inflation have a direct influence on interest rates. Interest rates in turn, have a big impact on the value of a currency. This makes inflation, interest rates and the Australian dollar all connected. According to the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA), inflation is:  An increase […]

The Australian Dollar rises above 75 cents as inflation increases

  The AUD to USD exchange rate rose above 75 cents for only the second time since the end of July. At 12:50pm, the CPI or inflation data was released. It showed that prices in Australia are rising faster than previously forecasted. Here are some of the key points: Consumer prices rose 0.8 per cent during the September quarter (July, August and September). Prices are 3% higher than a year earlier. The increase was largely because of fuel which increased 7.1% and rising house prices which increased 3.3%. Interest rates are one of the big drivers of Australian dollar. Right […]