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Justin is a financial services professional with over 20 years of experience in foreign exchange. He has worked in all levels of industry from banks to corporates to startups.

Most recently, he founded, built and sold, and


FINSIA Graduate Diploma ­ Applied, Finance and Investment 2002 - 2006 Curtin University Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.), Accounting and Finance 1996 - 2000

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The Currency Shop
Helping clients save money by comparing exchange rates from foreign exchange companies and driving them better deal.

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Travel money card review for Travelex updated 2023.

Travelex Money Card Review

Travelex Money Card Review [2024] Our Take 3.8 S Money rating We don’t compare delivery or card fees because not all providers and banks offer these services. In a Nutshell The Travelex Money Card allows you to spend like a local abroad, with no transaction or ATM withdrawal fees and generous withdrawal limits. Travelex Travel Card Travelex Travel Money Card Best No ATM withdrawal fees Worst Exchange rates Go to site Pros Unlimited free ATM withdrawals overseas and generous withdrawal limits No conversion fees with online top-ups Lock in exchange rates Convenient app to manage card Free home delivery or […]

Wise Travel Money Card

Wise Travel Card Review [2024]

Wise Travel Card Review [2024] Our Take 4.5 S Money rating We don’t compare delivery or card fees because not all providers and banks offer these services. In a Nutshell A market leader for exchange rates and transparency, the Wise card is one of the best prepaid cards for travel and great for making purchases overseas or online in a foreign currency. Fees apply if you go over the ATM limits. Includes a convenient app and virtual card. Wise Card Wise Travel Money Card Best Excellent exchange rates Worst High ATM fees Go to site Pros The best exchange rates […]

What’s driving the Australian dollar higher in 2022

  There are many different influences over the local currency, increasing commodity prices appear to be the key driver of the recent rise of the Australian dollar. Prices of commodities like oil, wheat and nickel have soared recently on the back of the war in Europe. This has increased the demand for ‘commodity’ currencies like the Aussie dollar, helping it move higher against most major currencies including the US dollar, Euro and British pound.   According to the Reserve Bank Australia There has been a close relationship between the terms of trade and the value of the Australian dollar over […]

Why You Can’t Find an Unimoni Currency Exchange Store

If you have used Unimoni in the past to buy some travel money, you might be wondering – why can’t I find them anywhere? Well, unfortunately, Unimoni has stopped buying or selling currency in cash. Unimoni currency exchange closed their Australian stores. They also closed their wholesale division and no longer offer customers in Australia the ability to exchange currency in cash. Some of the store locations that Unimoni used to operate have been taken by Crown Currency. Crown is a foreign currency service similar to Unimoni with stores right across Australia. They have very good in-store service but you […]

3 Best Travel Money Cards for Fiji

Best Travel Money Cards for Fiji

Planning a trip to Fiji? Let’s make sure you’re fully prepared with the best travel money card. Fiji, with its stunning beaches, lush rainforests, and vibrant culture, is a top destination for Australian tourists. Whether you’re wandering through Nadi’s bustling markets, snorkeling in the Blue Lagoon, or enjoying a luxurious stay on the Coral Coast, a reliable travel money card will ensure you manage your finances with ease. In Fiji, you are likely to pay for accommodation, food, and entertainment and withdraw cash from ATMs with your card. So which is the best option for you? We have compared the […]