Justin Rampono

Justin is a financial services professional with over 20 years of experience in foreign exchange. He has worked in all levels of industry from banks to corporates to startups.

Most recently, he founded, built and sold, and


FINSIA Graduate Diploma ­ Applied, Finance and Investment 2002 - 2006 Curtin University Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.), Accounting and Finance 1996 - 2000

Previous Experience

The Currency Shop
Helping clients save money by comparing exchange rates from foreign exchange companies and driving them better deal.

Articles written by Justin Rampono

The Price of Happiness in Every Country

It’s not what you earn; it’s the way that you spend it — that’s what leads to happiness. So claim the authors of a Harvard-affiliated study that proposed eight principles to “help consumers get more happiness for their money.” Eight principles that begin with “(1) buy more experiences and fewer material goods” and end with “(8) pay close attention to the happiness of others.” Whether these techniques work or not, they add an important sense of quotidian nuance to what has become a rather academic debate about how much money you need to be happy. Notice that this ancient question […]

International transaction fees

Citibank International Transaction Fees

Important information: Citi Australia has been acquired by NAB, so Citibank accounts are no longer available to open for new customers. This information applies to and is still valid for existing Citi customers. However, we have some tips for those of you still looking to save on overseas fees.

Up Bank

Up Bank International Fees

Are you tired of getting slogged with sneaky bank fees? Have you returned from a holiday and opened your card statement only to be shocked by countless fees you weren’t expecting? This is a far too frequent occurrence, especially when travelling overseas or even shopping online. We’ve looked closely at Up Bank, one example of the new breed of banks, neobanks. Neobanks are digital-only banking platforms that use technology to give customers convenience and savings.

Travel Money Oz Melbourne

Travel Money Oz

Travel Money Oz is one of Australia’s biggest foreign exchange companies. It has more than 60 stores across the country and 60+ currencies available to buy. Its commercial services include: Foreign currency exchange Prepaid travel money card (the Currency Pass) Online international money transfers

Card Fees

ING International Transaction Fees

You may have just returned from a fantastic holiday only to be ‘slapped in the face’ when opening your ING card statement. What are all these extra fees? Or you already know how expensive these sneaky bank fees can be, so you’re doing your research to get ahead of the game. Either way, we’ll take you by the hand and help you understand ING international transaction fees and what you can do to save your hard-earned cash.

Person exchanging US Dollars at S Money for Australian currency

Crown Currency Exchange

Crown Currency is an Australian-owned and operated foreign exchange company with more than 50 stores across Australia, where you can buy and sell more than 80 currencies. Read on to find out what the Crown Currency exchange rates are, how these rates match up against other companies, and how to buy and sell foreign currency with Crown.