AUDJPY Bank Forecasts

AUDJPY Forecasts

The Australian dollar against the Japanese Yen exchange rate (AUDJPY) changes every second. This article shares bank forecasts to help you predict changes in the AUDJPY rate.

The 2022 Forecasts for the AUD to JPY are out now

With most of 2021 out of the way, attention turns to 2022.

Now that most economists have released their predictions for the Australian dollar, head here to find out the most up to date forecasts:

2021 AUD to JPY: investors more optimistic

In 2021, two of the major Australian banks raised their AUD to JPY forecasts by 5-10%. They predict the AUDJPY to remain higher than 80.00 Yen per Australian dollar. A rising AUDJPY exchange rate suggests investors are more optimistic about the state of the global economy.

AUDJPY Bank expert rate forecasts 2021

AUDJPY Forecast Chart

Source: Australian Big 4 banks aggregate data


*Wholesale exchange rate updated

How will the AUDJPY perform in 2021?

Why is the AUDJPY rising?

There are many reasons why the Aussie dollar has been getting stronger relative to the Japanese Yen.

These are the most likely:

  • Vaccine rollout reduces coronavirus globally despite new strains
  • Australian economy bounces back supporting the Aussie Dollar
  • A weaker US dollar as the US economy struggles
  • China’s demand for Australian commodities grow
  • Economic growth on a global scale recovers
AUDJPY performance image
Bank expert AUDJPY forecasts 2021 Image

What do bank analysts think about the AUDJPY?

3 Things to know about the AUD/JPY

  1. AUD/JPY tells you how many Japanese Yen are needed to purchase one Australian dollar.
  2. The AUD/JPY is interesting because it can show how worried or happy investors are about the state of the global economy. If the AUD/JPY cross rate falls, investors are worried, if it rises investors are optimistic.
  3. The AUD/JPY can fluctuate quickly. That’s why money exchange services offer rate alerts to help you get the best exchange rate.
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Latest AUD JPY news

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