AUDGBP Forecast

AUD to GBP Forecasts

The Australian dollar against the British Pound (AUDGBP) changes every second. This article shares bank forecasts to help you predict changes in the AUDGBP rate.

2021 AUD to GBP: Aussie to perform better than Pound

In 2021, the 'Big 4' major Australian banks forecast the AUDGBP to rise slightly from the current exchange rate. Most banks expect a 5% recovery in international growth this year. Bank expect the Australian dollar to perform better than the Pound Sterling.

AUDGBP Bank expert rate forecasts 2021

AUDGBP Forecast Chart

Source: International bank forecast aggregate data

How will the AUDGBP perform in 2021?

Why is the AUDGBP rising?

There are many reasons why the Aussie dollar has been getting stronger relative to the British Pound.

These are the most likely:

  • Vaccine rollout reduces coronavirus globally despite new strains
  • Australian economy bounces back faster than the UK economy
  • A weaker US dollar as the US economy struggles
  • China’s demand for Australian commodities grow
  • Economic growth on a global scale recovers
AUDUSD performance
Bank expert AUD USD forecasts 2021 Image

What do bank analysts think about the AUDGBP?

3 Things to know about the AUDGBP

  1. AUD/GBP tells you how many Pound Sterling are needed to purchase one Australian dollar.
  2. The AUD/GBP can fluctuate quickly. That’s why money exchange services offer rate alerts to help you get the best exchange rate
  3. Australia and the UK currencies are strongly influenced by local economic data. Economists suggest the UK is on track for a faster economic rebound than previously thought due to a quick vaccine rollout.
AUDUSD performance

Buying Pounds in Australia

If you like the reassurance of having the local currency readily available from the moment you step off the plane, you have three options to pick up the cash before you go:

  • Cheapest - Buy the currency online and either collect it in-store or have it delivered to you
  • Mid Range - Buy from a currency exchange store
  • Most Expensive - Buy the currency at the airport

Online money changers like S Money often have the best exchange rates and the best places to buy foreign currency in Australia.

Travelex also offer a foreign exchange service online but it takes between two and five business days before the currency is ready for pick-up or delivery so you need to be organised!

Buying your currency in-store can be a good option but it all depends on where you go. The money changers in the centre of the main cities tend to be more competitive than smaller stores in the suburbs.

Only change money at the airport as a last resort. The exchange rates and fees at Australian airports are among the worst in the world so avoid it at all costs if you want to get the best bang for your buck.


*Wholesale exchange rate updated

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The Australian dollar against the US dollar exchange rate (AUDUSD) changes every second. This article shares bank forecasts to help you predict changes in the AUDUSD rate.

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