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Arlene Mc Donnell

Arlene works at S Money researching and writing investigative content.

Prior to this, she spent 15 years working in global corporate marketing and sales teams, giving the best advice, value and deals for products from diamonds (Argyle Diamonds) to wine (d’Arenberg).

She now sets her sights on helping individuals, not just businesses, learn the best deals and products for currency exchange. Arlene graduated with a double degree in International Business and Japanese. In her spare time she loves to read books and travel the world (obviously!).


Curtin University International Business, International Marketing

Previous Experience
Partner and Activation Specialist for imarDigital Marketing
Regional Sales and Marketing SpecialistRegional Sales and Marketing Specialist at d'Arenberg Winery

Articles written by Arlene Mc Donnell

5 Best Travel Money Cards for China

Best Travel Money Cards for China

Editorial note: We may not cover every product in this category. For more information, see our Editorial guidelines. China is one of Australia’s favourite destinations and with all its attractions, weather and food it’s not hard to see why thousands of Australians each year. In China you are likely to pay for accommodation, food, transport and entertainment as well as withdraw cash from ATMs with your card. To save you lots of time, we have compared a large number of best international travel cards to take to China for Australians in 2024 and have summarised their best points.   Best […]

The best credit cards for Travel

Best Credit Cards for Travel in 2024

Credit cards are an obvious choice to take travelling due to their convenience and being widely accepted.  But, which is the best travel credit card? A travel card is extremely handy for paying for hotels, retailers, restaurants, as well as corner shops and petrol stations. They work in a similar way to credit cards in Australia and use a pin when you purchase goods or services overseas. Very few places overseas will accept a signature anymore. To save you lots of time, we have compared over 20 of the most popular credit cards to help you make a decision.

Crown Currency vs S Money

Crown Currency vs S Money

Crown Currency and S Money both allow Australians to buy currency online. But which one is the cheapest? While S Money has the best exchange rates, it does have a service fee. This means that to find the cheapest option, you need to look at the total cost of the currency including all the fees. You can either go to each site and get a quote with each company or use an exchange rate comparison table that includes not just exchange rates, but any service fee too. While price is important, it’s not the only difference between these 2 currency […]