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Australia's only currency exchange using the same rate as Google or XE. Buy foreign currency online and collect it in Perth or get delivery to your door.

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How to buy US dollars, euros, pounds or yen in Perth

1. Choose your currency

We round the amount you want to the nearest denomination available in your chosen currency.

2. Verify your ID and pay

By law, we need to make sure you’re not involved in illegal activity. You'll also need ID to collect.

3. Collect your currency

Pick up in store, collect locally or get your order delivered to your door with Australia Post.

Where to pickup your currency

You must order and pay for your currency before collecting it. The closest Parcelpoint collection is at:

Superchem Raine Square Parcelpoint
300 Murray St Raine Square
PERTH, WA, 6000

Collection hours are from 7.30-6:30pm Monday to Friday, 09.00-5:00pm on Saturday and 11.00-5:00pm on Sunday.

Where is the best place to buy foreign currency?

The cheapest way to buy foreign currency in Perth is to order it online. This is because online currency exchangers like S Money don't have the costs of running a bricks and mortar store.

But, if you still want to head into a money change kiosk, here are the best currency exchange locations in Perth.

currency exchange Perth

Delivery to Perth

Delivery Hours

Between 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays

Delivery Fees

Delivery to your door or to a local collection point costs only $14

Delivery Areas

We deliver currency across Australia

Service and delivery fees

Service Fee

Starts at $9

The Service Fee depends on the currency and amount you order. Get quote to find out more.

Bank Transfer, Osko or PayID


Pay for your order by bank transfer or PayID and avoid any card fees.

Add Delivery


It's a flat fee for local collection or delivery to your door with Australia Post.

Why you get best exchange rates in Perth

The best currency exchange rates are the 'wholesale' or 'market' rate that you can find on Google or XE

We match these rates so you don't get charged hidden exchange rate fees.
This means you never pay over-inflated rates and can be 100% positive you are getting the most competitive rate for currency exchange.

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